Welcome to the Baduk Scholars

The Baduk Scholars started as a YouTube channel in 2016, to promote Go, Weiqi, & Baduk education. As the channel grew, we wanted to continue its growth and offer more services under its banner. Currently we provide courses for the Massachusetts Go Association, the Philippines Go Association, Skill Share, Udemy, & YouTube. We also provide Personal Lessons, Reviews, & Competitions between students.

Every Monday One of our Instructors host a free DDK class, supported by the MGA. Thursdays evenings we host a competitive Zoom online meeting for our students and friends to compete. Check the contact us tab, to see how to participate in these events.


I give Mikito my strongest recommendation as Go teacher. I have been taking lessons with him for ten months. Unlike teachers I have had in the past, Mikito’s primary goal for me is to improve my rank - not just acquire Go knowledge, but constantly apply what I’ve learned to get better. I highly recommend Mikto!
OGS Player
Mikito is an amazing teacher with a talent for both Go and driving understanding in his students. With his lectures and game reviews, I was able to advance several ranks, and finally beat my 8kyu friend regularly! If you are looking to go beyond the basic rules of Go and really internalize strategy and theory, I can’t recommend Mikito enough.
OGS Player
(Michael/Mikito) is a fantastic teacher. He was able to provide effective feedback, and answer questions efficiently. 5 stars!
OGS Player
Mikito provides an excellent class for DDK students. He attracts a few SDK each week too who enjoy getting schooled in the basics, and who want to take part in the fun. People who show up on a regular basis can expect some positions from their recent games to become the subject of discussion in class. Typically attendees take turns stating the best or worst moves from multiple choice options for board positions. We are asked to explain our answers too. Mikito leads the discussion with tact, never making anyone feel foolish. He keeps us engaged for a full two hours with his well prepared study material.
Terri Schurter AKA buzzsaw
OGS Player

Mikito is an excellent teacher, as evidenced by his student Holonomy repeatedly beating me.

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